Holiday home "Opatija"

Unique accommodation
in the city center

Close to the sea and all the necessary facilities, this accommodation makes it perfect

for your escape from everyday life!

274 m²

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We are a company from Croatia that owns a holiday home in Opatija, and we use it to rent accommodation to tourists. Our plans and aspirations, so that you can get a clearer picture of us and our accommodation, read below.

Mission – providing an unforgettable vacation to guests of all races, beliefs, cultures and traditions, and adapting to their specifics in order to enable them to fully indulge to rest and escape from stress.

Our motive that drives us, gives us strength, desire and at the same time confirmation that we are moving towards the realization of our vision is the everyday smile, happiness and satisfaction of our guests after a vacation in our facilities.

Vision – to provide our guests with a unique vacation that will provide them with comfort as if they were at home, and become recognizable as a rental company that guarantees top service.

Our company Međunarodni centar za poslovno savjetovanje d.o.o. was founded in 2005, but has been actively renting accommodation to tourists since 2017. We offer two properties in the center of the city Opatija: the holiday house “Opatija” and the apartment Dante Alighieri. A significant strength of our company are employees who have many years of experience in the tourism industry. Primarily with their knowledge and skills, we are able to offer you more than just accommodation.

The building was built in 1894 and was then called Villa Fritz. In 2007, our company bought this villa and completely renovated and upgraded it. After 10 years of renovation, the company starts using the property for tourist purposes.The facility currently fully meets all today’s modern accommodation standards.


It is always a challenge and a pleasure for us to fulfill the expectations of our guests and provide them with a dream vacation! Allow us to introduce you to our vacation world. What does our holiday home "Opatija" offer you, what makes us unique...

   It may seem at first glance that we are just one among many professional renters in this region. However, almost no one in the area of Opatija can offer you the same characteristics and benefits as our accommodation. Also, our relationship with clients is significantly different from others. It is pretentious to claim that we are the best in performing this activity, but we do not hide the fact that we strive to become that.

  What privileges do our guests have in contrast to other visitors to Opatija?

  Thanks to the symbiosis of the location and the size of the usable area of the holiday home “Opatija”, we can present ourselves to our guests as a unique currently existing accommodation of this type with such features. Our guests are therefore able to have the whole family or some other group of people together in a private space in the city center at a more than acceptable price.

  A comfortable, safe, clean and spacious home with a huge private yard will surely leave a great impression. In our holiday home “Opatija”, guests staying at the specified location are actually a step away from all the necessary facilities and offers for which they come to our city!

   It is not unknown how the staff is actually the key to fully meeting guests’ expectations. The competence, but above all the love for the work of our staff will certainly set us apart from the rest.

Dobrodošli na terasu kuće za odmor Opatija
Dobrodošli - Welcome - Willkommen - Benvenuti - Добро пожаловать

Why choose this holiday house "Opatija"?


A quiet location in the city center and exceptional proximity to the entire offer of Opatija, which is why guests visit this city.​​


The largest space in the city center (274m2) with an ideally planned arrangement of spacious and airy rooms.


This is the feature in which we invest most of our efforts in order to maintain the impeccable cleanliness of the accommodation.


Exceptional proximity to the sea (250m), which allows you easy and quick access to the beaches.


The many years of experience in tourism of our professional employees will provide you with timely and professional service.


Huge private yard with lots of plants and garden furniture to use.


Our goal is to provide our guests with the desired level of comfort zone where they will have no stress, unknowns and ambiguity from the moment of arrival to departure from our facility.


As we leave nothing to chance, the fact that the accommodation has 2 safes and an alarm system speaks in favor of our guests' complete protection. Also, all our guests are insured in case of an unfortunate event.


The possibility of finding a parking lot not far from the accommodation at the guaranteed best price in town.

Do you want to know more about the above benefits?

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All you have to do is book the accommodation, leave the rest to us!

For any additional information, feel free to contact us.

Međunarodni centar za poslovno savjetovanje d.o.o.

D.Alighieria 4, 51410 Opatija, Hrvatska

IBAN: HR46 2340 0091 1105 5278 9

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