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Price Holiday home Opatija 2024
Valentinovo 2024

"Valentine's Day 2024"

Love, love, love!

Share beautiful feelings at a romantic destination by the sea. Opatija is a city that offers you everything you need.

Peaceful walks by the sea, where in the last few years not even flakes of snow are a miracle, will surely complete your experience and time.

Enjoy a short vacation at an affordable price personalized just for you!!!

We are looking forward to your arrival!!!

The most visited time of year in Opatija and for a reason! A city that offers tourists everything they need for a real vacation. There is no need to waste words on the benefits of the city itself. It will be enough to add that the atmosphere that the people of Opatija provide to their visitors is rightfully classified as the pearl of the Adriatic.

If you choose us and allow us to be your host, we will surely convince you of the above!

Are you ready for spring in Opatija?

Opatija filled with colorful colors and pleasant scents of plants and flowers will surely enchant you again. A walk by the sea, through the parks of the city is filled with numerous benefits. Also, this is the time for the first swim in the refreshing sea. Don’t miss your chance … From 11.04.-20.06. our special offer continues in the holiday home “Opatija” in Opatija, Svetog Florijana 14. Secure the best price and grab this unique 20% discount.

  We have prepared a special Easter offer for you. Come to Opatija to our vacation house of the same name “Opatija” from 7.-11. April 2023. and take advantage of 5 days of vacation and pay for only 3 nights!!!

Be the first and take advantage of this one-time great offer, and spend time with your loved ones in Easter Opatija.

There is never a wrong time to visit Opatija. Always a special city that lives 365 days a year, and reveals the charms of its offer to you every day. At this time of the year, fun events such as masquerade parades or a peaceful walk through the city with a warm drink and light relaxation will surely satisfy many different tastes and needs. In our facility, we offer a winter discount for a minimum of 5 days of stay in the vacation house “Opatija” at a 30% lower price.

   This is undoubtedly the most peaceful time to visit Opatija. By doing so alone, you realize many benefits that you will inevitably feel in the offer of the city. Undoubtedly, the greatest advantage is the mild Mediterranean climate, which even allows the brave ones to try the charms of the refreshing sea. Recharge your batteries with an active walk along the Lungomare promenade or simply soaking up the sun’s rays against the sea waves. Visit us and get a 20% discount. The price is reduced to the total accommodation in the holiday home “Opatija”.

Holiday home "Opatija"

This is currently the only vacation home in Opatija that is located in the center of the city!

Sofa in the living room
Cijena za smještaj uključuje korištenje svih sadržaja kao što su ležaljke u kući za odmor Opatija
Mjesto za doručak u okruženju prirode pridonosi procijeni omjera naše kvalitete i svih cijena

Why is this accommodation in Opatija unique?

6 benefits of  holiday home “Opatija”:

    The fact is that everyone’s time has a great value and price, so the goal is to use it as best as possible. For most people, the length of their free time is high on the priority list. Thanks to the position of our accommodation, you are able to make the most of your free time as you really want. Your vacation will not pass you by in endless idle motion, such as on the way to the store, bank or beach.

    Thanks to the location of the accommodation, you will have more quality free time at your disposal, which you can use depending on your aspirations.

  We are aware of the fact that the safety of accommodation from all aspects of the term is extremely important to all guests who come. Therefore, our vacation home is maximally adapted to the needs of guests in the matter of the above. The house contains all necessary certificates and checks on the functionality of electricity, all household appliances, microbiological correctness of water, and many other necessary actions provided for by law. Guests have 2 safes at their disposal, and the building’s alarm system is also active. We can also provide surveillance mobile cameras to guests if they wish. The accommodation, as well as the guests staying in it, is insured against an accident.

     The aforementioned features and adjustments of accommodation allow us to provide maximum comfort to our guests. The safe and pleasant ambience of the entire accommodation certainly contributes to an increase in quality.

  Maintaining the cleanliness of our spacious accommodation is certainly a challenge for us, but due to the importance of the mentioned factor, we focus our greatest efforts on this area of work. Therefore, we record exceptional results and feedback from our guests precisely on the above-mentioned occasion. Unobtrusiveness, professionalism and constant availability is a characteristic of the performance of our services to guests, which never goes unnoticed on their part.

Unique amount of space + location

   The home has 274m² of well-organized interior space. The facility has 2 large airy bedrooms that will certainly provide you with the necessary amounts of sleep and rest while simultaneously staying in a comfortable space. For your youngest, there are 2 rooms with TVs and the necessary games. There are 2 toilets in the place. A spacious living room with multimedia content and a kitchen will surely satisfy all your needs.

    If you need a lot of space, our holiday home Opatija is the largest and most spacious private accommodation facility that currently exists in the city center.

    The private garden extends to more than 320 m², of which 20 m² is covered. The magical access to the courtyard directly from the living room will leave you breathless. In the huge courtyard there is a covered area with a table and chairs, which is an ideal place for breakfast surrounded by flowers, palm trees and other fragrant plants, or for an evening gathering with a barbecue. Also, the spacious terrace on the 1st floor is an ideal place to sunbathe on deckchairs or rest in the shade on the furniture intended for relaxation.

    This amount of open private space in the city center is truly a unique benefit that you can only get with us.

   The users of our accommodation are “one step” away from all necessary facilities. Practically the entire offer of Opatija is in the palm of your hand. Whether you need a grocery store, shops, bank, bakeries, restaurants, coffee bars, or you simply want to walk around the city without the burden of finding parking.

Price and quality of accommodation

    The ratio of the benefits received and the price paid for the service is certainly one of the most important criteria for each guest’s choice of accommodation. If the ratio is well balanced, the satisfaction is always mutual! No less important factor when choosing a tourist should be the reliability of the services promoted by the rental company. Considering that behind our real estate is a good team and a company that has been operating since 2005 with a significant reputation, we believe that the level of our reliability is more than satisfactory, and we certainly guarantee you the services and benefits that we promote.

    With the previously mentioned prices of our services and the most pronounced benefits of this accommodation, without losing sight of the important factor of reliability in this “equation”, we hope that you will easily decide why this holiday home “Opatija” is the best accommodation option in Croatia for you.

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